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Every day, organizations big and small are making complex decisions involving regulated industries that operate at the meeting point of legislative, political, regulatory, and commercial factors. Public policy is complicated. But it doesn't have to be.  Atrómitos can make it understandable and actionable. Whether our partners are seeking to ensure operational and programmatic compliance with regulations, maximizing program effectiveness, developing or expanding upon a program, or attempting to influence regulatory change, Atrómitos has the government experience to deliver success. Through in-depth analysis of relevant regulation and policy and other market factors, we identify the risks and opportunities that will inform the development of strategic regulatory planning activities and policy reform initiatives. Our analyses are presented and supported through the development of policy briefs and white papers that can be leveraged with policy makers through public comments and stakeholder engagement activities to affect policy change. We evaluate regulatory, administrative and programmatic operations, including policies and procedures to determine whether an organization is most effectively meeting the mission and goals of the government program. We identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats to tell you exactly how you can improve program performance. 

Explore our Policy & Research capabilities below.

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Legislative & Regulatory Analysis

Keeping abreast of the ever-changing regulatory environment is important for all organizations. At Atrómitos, we understand the complex processes that state and federal legislation and regulation must follow. We assist our partners with identifying, tracking, and analyzing bills and administrative rule changes that may impact their business and programs. Through in-depth analysis, we assess the effect of regulations and policy on your competitiveness and across constituencies, compare proposed policy alternatives, and identify unintended consequences that can stand in the way of desired outcomes and success. Such analyses are key to ensuring operational and programmatic compliance and enabling partners to effectively engage with congressional and state agency representatives to influence change.

Market & Needs Assessment

It is important that businesses and nonprofits understand the market in which they operate and the needs of their customers. Our market and needs assessments are foundational to making strategic decisions about expanding a service area or developing new programs or services. Through our market assessment process, we provide partners insights into customer demographics, current and future utilization trends, competitors, and an in-depth scan of the legislative and regulatory environment. Similarly, our needs assessment process is designed to identify the needs of a population or community, determine how those needs are being met and identify gaps that exist in current program offerings in the community.

Strategic Regulatory Planning & Reform

As our partners engage in strategic decision-making and planning to chart new paths for their organization, we begin by working closely with leadership to ensure that their mission and vision are clearly defined. The mission and vision are used as a guidepost throughout the planning process. Additionally, as part of any operational and programmatic design process, we assess the regulatory landscape and ensure that reform efforts are compliant with state and federal law and regulation. Finally, we emphasize the importance of engaging with stakeholders throughout the planning and implementation process to ensure there is buy-in internally at all levels of the organization and externally with key stakeholders.  

Policy Brief & Whitepaper Development

Whether seeking buy-in from internal stakeholders or promoting regulatory reform with legislators and governmental agencies, we understand the importance of presenting our partners initiatives through clear, data-driven briefs and whitepapers. Our experience working in the government, nonprofit, and commercial sectors enables us to craft your message in a manner that is most effective for the intended audience. Through the development process we provide sources and research that is intended to help our partners grow their knowledge. This is a critical component of our work as it prepares our partners to facilitate discussions that further promote the concepts and initiatives disseminated through the briefs and whitepapers. 

Program Evaluation

Regular evaluation of organizational performance and programming is key to operating a successful business whether you are running a nonprofit or for-profit organization. We begin with an in-depth review of documentation that supports your programs and operations and then engage with your leadership and staff to better understand the successes and challenges they are encountering in their daily work. To provide a comprehensive analysis of your organization, we will obtain feedback and observations from key external stakeholders (e.g., clients and partners). As experts in stakeholder engagement, we customize our approach to ensure effective and efficient information gathering, focused on maximizing your dollars and your stakeholders’ time. Upon completion of the data gathering stage, we conduct our evaluation leveraging best practices and industry standards and benchmarks as comparisons, where applicable.  The goal of our program evaluation process is to provide your organization with actionable data-driven reports that contain recommendations your organization can use to improve your program’s effectiveness.

Internal Policies & Procedures Development & Compliance

Compliance, at its heart, is about doing the right thing. To ensure your organization is doing the right thing, you must have a robust compliance strategy supported by a thorough compliance plan and policies and procedures that guide your workforce in their daily tasks. As regulations change your policies should change. Keeping up with change is especially challenging for lean organizations. We work with our partners to develop and/or assess their compliance plan, internal policies and procedures, program descriptions, and operation manuals against legislative, regulatory, and accrediting standards and requirements for compliance. We also gather input from your workforce to understand where gaps may exist or identify and remedy challenges they may experience in their work as a result of ineffective policies and procedures. Familiarity and transparency breed staff who are interested in and willing to participate in a working compliance program that protects the company. Atrómitos can develop trainings and compliance testing strategies to facilitate a culture of compliance within your organization.


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