Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Publishes Report Developed by The Nous Group, Atrómitos

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has published a report developed by The Nous Group, in partnership with Atromitos, on the Review of Key Attributes of High-Performing Person-Centered Health Care Organizations. The report identifies attributes of person-centered care across all aspects of a health care organization, from leadership, people, and culture to governance, technology, and the way health care is delivered.

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Giving Fundraising Staff a Seat at the Table Encourages Nonprofit Organizational Growth

Among the most common grievances in the world of philanthropic fundraising are the difficulties the development staff faces in engaging the C-Suite. It is the objective of every fundraiser to determine what the C-Suite’s sweet spot is in terms of luring them into doing what they must in order for nonprofit fundraising efforts to be successful. How to do that varies from organization to organization and can depend upon the nature of your nonprofit’s work and the personalities of the people who work there.

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Overcoming Conflict Through Action

We typically work with companies undergoing some form of change. Small change, big change. Change driven from internal forces, from external forces, and oftentimes both. Conflict and resistance are inevitable in change. But, neither are inherently negative and they should not be reasons to avoid change. Instead, they should be effectively managed. But, to manage conflict and resistance, you must understand it.

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Business StrategySarah Dohl
Is Strategic Planning Dead? A Response.

To strategic plan or not to strategic plan? That is the question. We at Atromitos think the answer is yes, but not the way strategic planning has traditionally been done.

Many companies and organizations have long engaged in 3, 5 and even 10-year strategic planning. But, in today’s world, that no longer seems meaningful. In a recent Forbes article, the author asserts that the “multi-year strategic plan is dead.” Instead, companies and organizations should focus on building an agile team and culture.

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Collaborative Governance 2.0: Building Buy-In Through Context and Transparency

Governance is a process through which decisions are made and implemented on a particular project or plan. Good governance is characterized by accountability, transparency, responsiveness, inclusiveness, and is consensus-oriented. But, it involves what some have called "an initial contradiction," that is, those who seek out a governance structure inherently hold more power and more information. 

But this contradiction is why participatory collaborative governance is critical to success.

In our work with clients on any number of projects, the dynamics of each team have varied greatly. But there are clear patterns that emerge, as well as clear challenges.

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Changing Change Management

“Change is hard.” People say that all the time. Big change, small change. And it's true. Change is hard. But, it is also something that is constant. Particularly in health care. Particularly right now. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – the principle driver of health care reform in the US – has well over 20 initiatives currently underway through the Innovation Center, in addition to major regulatory changes, such as the recently finalized Quality Payment Program

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