Industries We Work With

We solve big problems for our partners with passion because they’re solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

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Healthcare Organizations

We help healthcare organizations navigate a rapidly-evolving landscape.

Whether you are an independent practice, large hospital system, health plan, or population health management company, Atrómitos understands the rapidly evolving landscape that you must navigate. We work with our health care partners to develop a strategic path forward guided by data and intel derived from market assessments.  We also understand that health care is a highly regulated industry. Our health policy experts can help you stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes, as well as help you advocate for policies and regulations that allow you to meet the needs of the patients and communities you serve. As we shift to a value-based care system, and eventually, to a system focused on achieving wellbeing, partnerships and strategic relationships are critical. Our stakeholder engagement, change management, and business planning and structure services can help you identify the right partnerships and establish a strong foundation on which to build the relationship.

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Nonprofits and Community-based ORganizations

We empower nonprofits and CBOs to boldly achieve their missions.

Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) play critical roles in the communities you serve. Whether providing free healthy meals; adult literacy and education; safe, affordable housing; or something else entirely, nonprofits and CBOs provide support that millions of people rely on. To assure you can raise the funds and awareness you need to focus on the programs you deliver, Atrómitos works hand-in-hand with you to assure that you have the necessary business capabilities, such as thoughtful business and strategic plans that support efficient operations and long-term growth. Our fund development support helps you obtain the funding you need to deliver programs, whether from grants, digital small dollar campaigns, or large capital campaigns. Our marketing and communications team assures that your message is not only known, but is compelling, driving attention, support, and donations. Our policy and research team helps you stay on top of changing rules and requirements, and can work with you on community needs assessments to help inform service delivery.

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Local, State, and Federal Agencies

We support governmental agencies in building buy-in and gaining valuable insight.

Governmental agencies are under considerable pressure to efficiently and effectively deploy tax dollars to meet the needs of residents while ensuring compliance with the law. As former government employees, Atròmitos consultants have developed and operationalized policy and programming at the complex intersection of finance, legislation, and administration. Our national experience enables us to offer our government clients innovative insights and guidance that have been successfully deployed in other local and state agencies. And our work in the nonprofit and commercial sectors provide us an important perspective on how regulatory and policy changes impact stakeholders. We leverage this experience on behalf of our government clients to create a transparent stakeholder engagement process that assures buy-in and successful implementation of key initiatives.

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Technology Companies

We equip technology companies to support communities.

There’s an app for that. But is your app or other technology achieving its full potential? At Atrómitos, we work with technology companies to help you understand the health and social services industries and identify ways to use your technology to support health and wellness. As opportunities arise, Atrómitos conducts market assessments to gather critical data that will inform your strategic decision-making process. When the right connection is made, our policy experts can provide translational supports to ensure that as you engage with private and governmental clients there is clear and effective communication between the technical and programmatic teams throughout the implementation process.

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Small Businesses and StartUps

We work with small businesses and startups to help them build brands (and plans) for tomorrow.

Small businesses and start-ups are often so consumed by the drive to be sustainable they often miss the fundamentals. Yes, you have to write that business plan. You have to do the research to understand the market you are in. You have to have a strategy for growth. What’s your brand philosophy? What’s your visual identity? Do you understand the regulations that affect your business? Do you know what changes are coming down road? Where will your funding come from? If you’re a new nonprofit, what does your fund development process look like? These are all things we love to do! It is what makes us show up every day to work.