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We identify funding opportunities and write all types of grant proposals, including federal, state, county, city, private foundation and corporate giving. We also provide in-depth research on funding opportunities, as well as offer technical editing services for your proposals to ensure your best chance at the dollars you need to move your organization forward. We can also become an integrated part of your development and programmatic teams, working to track program milestones and report back to funders on progress to goals. Finally, we know exactly what it takes to build, implement, and grow an individual, or small dollar, digital fundraising program across email, advertising, and SMS (text message) platforms.

Explore our Fundraising & Development capabilities below.

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Grant Tracking & Reporting

You’ve won a grant, now you want to be sure you don’t lose the funding through administrative error. Today’s funders often have specific, in-depth deliverables they want reported to evaluate the efficacy of the program your organization is implementing with their funds. Tracking what is due and creating the reports can often be burdensome. Atrómitos can assess the ability of your organization to manage the process internally and, should your organization be ill-equipped to manage the tracking and reporting for your funds, we can step into that role for you, ensuring that the requirements of the grant are met and each piece of your proposal is addressed with the funder on time.

Fundraising Grant Identification

Determining what funding options suit your organization can be difficult and time consuming. At Atrómitos, we’re here to help you identify a funder for the program you want to run; rather than trying to force your project to fit within a funder’s guidelines. Atrómitos has expertise that can help you avoid ethical pitfalls as well, for instance, the typical rules around the allowability to supplant funds rather than supplement funds. Understanding a grantors’ rules is key to determining whether the funder is a potential fit for you or not.

Proposal Development & Submission

We know your time is precious and the development and submission of grant proposals takes chunks of time out of your already packed schedule. When your staff is stretched thin, asking them to write a proposal often results in a subpar effort and the submission of a noncompetitive application. At Atrómitos we can guide the proposal development process from soup to nuts. We know the importance of leadership in the proposal development process and of breaking down the tasks to manageable pieces for subject matter experts. We can help make your development process seamless and your proposals competitive (and beautiful!). 

Award Management Strategy

Making the application for funding is only the first step in the sometimes complicated world of proposal development, submission, and project commencement. We can help you figure out the series of steps you’ll need to take upon award in order to ensure that your project launches flawlessly and your team is tracking key performance indicators. We can help you not only identify who on your staff is most appropriate to lead the charge, but also help guide the development of the work plan that person will need to stay on top of to make the grant deliverables a reality.

Capital Campaign Planning, Implementation & Management

Organizing a capital campaign is a considerable lift for any organization. Having the expertise of a consultant to develop and roll out your plans and help manage the process from beginning to end takes a significant amount of pressure off you and your staff. Atrómitos staff have substantial experience fundraising and are poised to help you plan your capital campaign from the feasibility study to wrapping up the tail-end of your campaign, providing guidance and support every step along the way. Once we determine if you’re in a good position to implement a campaign and your donors are in a wealth cycle sufficient to support a capital campaign, we can help you assemble the campaign from forming an oversight committee and subcommittees, to planning events, identifying donor opportunities and new prospects, creating events, developing a marketing and communications plan, designing collateral and web assets, evaluating internal controls, and closing down the campaign.

Individual Donor Digital Fundraising Program Design & Implementation

We know how competitive the market is for donor funds. The question is: are you doing everything you can to ensure you’re reaching your donors and using all the tools you have at hand? Using new technology can feel harrowing and like a heavy lift, especially for smaller organizations. Fortunately, Atrómitos is here to help you discover the return on investment that digital fundraising could represent for your organization. From developing a small donor email program strategy and getting it off the ground, to launching a digital fundraising program using social media ads, Google adwords, and SMS (text messaging), Atrómitos is here to help design your digital fundraising plan and put it into motion.


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