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Every organization aims for one important goal: to stay relevant in the face of a quickly evolving economy and business landscape. Whether an existing or new business or nonprofit, having an intentional plan is critical to success. Atrómitos works with its partners to develop a sophisticated business plan that will guide the business decisions of the organization. We also work with partners to identify the right corporate structure or partnership arrangements that will assure long-term growth and success. Through our comprehensive strategic planning we work with partners to chart a course for their future that will stand the test of time. Underlying all of our work is a foundation of stakeholder engagement that is vital to assuring you are charting a path forward that your key stakeholders agree with, and change management to help you, your teams, and your external stakeholders’ transition successfully through the change process. Through our meeting planning, facilitation, and synthesis support we assure you have the most effective meetings possible.

Explore our Business and Nonprofit Strategy & Innovation capabilities below.

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Business Planning & Structure

So many businesses and nonprofit organizations operate without a current business plan. Without a clear business plan, it is difficult to make operational and strategic decisions that move your organization forward on a sustainable path. We work with you to develop a business plan that clearly articulates what you do and how you do it. Through the business plan development process, we help you assess the market you operate in, identify competitors, understand your competitive advantage, and gain valuable insight into your financial projections. Your business plan will guide the development and ongoing operations of your business. It will also be a critical tool in obtaining needed investment and funding of your business. And, yes, nonprofit organizations, you need a business plan – for all the same reasons.

As businesses and nonprofit organizations grow and evolve, as markets shift and change, it may be necessary to think about a new corporate structure or a partnership with another organization. Perhaps you are considering merging with another company or starting a joint venture. Before you make such a significant decision you first need to fully evaluate all of your options. For example, a merger isn’t always the answer. Perhaps a joint venture is a better option? Atrómitos has a well-established process that helps decision makers truly evaluate their options and identify the best path forward. We work with you to develop and implement a transition and restructuring plan that will allow you to successfully navigate that path. We will be with you every step of the way, working with counsel, your Board, and other key stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is just that: strategically planning for the future through setting of priorities, strengthening of operations, focusing of energy and resources, and ensuring the entire team - from leadership and staff to external stakeholders - are working toward common goals. That means ensuring that everyone is on board and in agreement on where an organization is headed, specific outcomes, and benchmarks to measure progress. 

Above all else, the strategic planning process is disciplined and focused, with all involved working toward concrete decisions and actions that guide an organization to more effectively realize its vision, mission, and the answer to the question: "Why do we exist?" 

Atrómitos' strategic planning work begins with a close look at where you are today and where you want to go. We work closely with your team to understand your organization's desired outcomes to develop a strategic planning framework that works for your team, your culture, and your future.

Change Management

At Atrómitos, we believe that change is just opportunity in disguise. Atrómitos is committed to working with our partners on change of all sizes, from initial assessment to implementation, and throughout the course of any transition. 

While there are a variety of formal change management processes, what is important is not necessarily which process you use but finding the right process for you. Our Change Management approach is tailored specifically to your needs. That sets us apart.

When Atrómitos is involved, we roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches with you. And, we don't own rose colored glasses... we tell it like it is and stand with you every step of the way, even when the going gets tough. 

Above all else, we generate wins and sustain acceleration. 

When Atrómitos works with you to manage change within your organization, we focus on the people and the actions that must be taken to ensure change is implemented smoothly, effectively, and in a lasting way. That means ensuring buy-in at the leadership level down to staff and other stakeholders who will be involved in or affected by the change, both directly or indirectly. Our process looks closely at who is involved in defining, designing, and implementing the change to ensure that the right change is being made for the organization; in other words, change cannot exist in a vacuum.   

We look closely at the impact, constantly and carefully assessing and addressing it and ensure that we are clearly communicating what it means for everyone involved. Then, we get the team ready through information, training, and help. 

Then, we really get to work and put the change in action.

Proposal Development

Whether you are preparing a formal proposal in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) from a public or private entity or you want to propose a new business relationship with a current customer, our successful proposal management process facilitates informed decision making (go/no go decisions), streamlined proposal planning (including RFP analysis, win themes, financial analysis, proposal logistics), comprehensive proposal development (proposal writing, budget development, references, collateral), a multi-step review process that occurs throughout the development process to assure that the proposal is on track from the beginning, and finally, assuring the successful submission of a professional proposal that meets all requirements. We can also guarantee that your proposal will stand a head above the rest with our in-house, full-service design and communications services.

Stakeholder engagement

To stay relevant, organizations must engage in frequent and effective communication with the individuals and groups who depend on, or are impacted by, your organization and the decisions it makes every day. Atrómitos brings a wealth of knowledge on how to engage stakeholders and adapt your business strategy so that it is responsive to the needs and concerns of key groups of people. 

To be successful and sustainable, every organization, its policies, and day-to-day activities must reflect the needs and values of relevant stakeholders. Through direct experience and identified best practices, Atrómitos has developed a powerful and proven method to guide the stakeholder engagement process and ensure continued engagement rooted in three key principles: inclusiveness, meaningfulness, and transparency.  

Through this work, we ensure an organization is not only effectively engaging its stakeholders but using this engagement as a means to innovate and ensure future business sustainability and success.  

Meeting Planning & Facilitation

At Atrómitos, we believe a well-designed, well-facilitated and interactive meeting makes the difference between a waste of time and meaningful progress. Using our meeting management process that includes pre-meeting planning, logistics and set-up, facilitation, and wrap-up and reporting, we assure our partners experience the difference between having a meeting and having an effective meeting. 


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