Brand, Design, Communications, & Digital Strategy


Atrómitos understands the power of the spoken word and what it takes to deliver the kind of speech that drives action. We also are intimately familiar with the principles of modern inbound marketing, from social media and innovative websites to modern print design and everywhere in between. And you should see our case statements! With our team of expert communicators, brand builders, designers, and writers let us help you hone your message and your brand and deliver it in a way you never imagined.

Explore our Brand, Design, Communications, & Digital Strategy capabilities below.

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Collateral Development & Design

We know firsthand that whether you are a big business, small business, governmental agency, or nonprofit, you have a lot of design needs. From program and organizational marketing collateral, advertising, sponsorship marketing, and development materials to logos, event programs, environmental design pieces, presentations, and annual reports (digital and printed!), we've created it all. Literally. Put simply, from business cards to banners, we can help you develop a single piece to a full suite of materials that will ensure your marketing collateral is ready to support your mission and get a little attention along the way.

Web Development & Design

We love making websites - from complete organizational websites and interactive annual reports (the new best practice for 21st century nonprofits and the world's biggest corporations) to campaign landing pages and microsites for your local events and initiatives, we've got ideas. Most importantly, while completely custom-built, our websites live on easy-to-use, affordable visual editors. That means once we're done with it, you and your staff will have complete control over its look, feel, and contents with no special development knowledge necessary. Trust us, easy (and beautiful!) is best.

Branding & Brand Management

Your brand is not just the product you sell, the service you provide, or the program you offer. It encompasses your organization’s guiding principles and mission, and it extends to every relationship and interaction you have with volunteers, donors, clients, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It is what sets you apart from competitors. In marketing, brand management is used to build stronger connections between you and those stakeholders, as well as the public’s perception of your organization. Developing a brand strategy means understanding the brand itself, your target market, and your organization’s overall vision and goals.

From designing a logo and a suite of templates to rolling out a style guide and trademark guidelines, Atrómitos has the tangibles of your brand down to a science. When it comes to intangibles, we have years of experience in helping you develop a strategy to maintain your brand across all organization touchpoints — internal and external. While each brand management strategy is different in terms of resources and execution, the goal is the same: to build a brand that is distinct and achieves its mission.


We’ve written for some of the country’s most powerful leaders— from U.S. senators, and members of the U.S. House of Representatives, to Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs— we understand the power of the spoken word. Whether you’re addressing an audience of thousands, testifying in front of Congress, or welcoming a small group of donors, we can help your story stand out. We can help you script entire programs for galas and fundraising events; draft and place opinion pieces in national, regional, and local newspapers; or simply help you turn your notes into a organized speech. No matter what kind of writing services you need, we’re ready to help you convey your message and drive action.

Digital Strategy

How you show up on the internet is more than what you post on Twitter every day. We know how to build a comprehensive digital strategy across platforms to deliver your message, build your brand, and grow your reach. From developing a Google adwords and SEO strategy on your website, launching a cross-platform advertising strategy, or getting a digital fundraising strategy off the ground, our team of digital experts is ready to jump in. We know the potential for small dollar, digital fundraising programs is unparalleled. From recruiting new, small dollar donors to your email list to targeting ads to current donors and volunteers, we can help tell your story and inspire giving (as well as action!). Over the last two years, we've helped nonprofits build programs, grow their lists, and raise more than $10 million online. Building this kind of program is hard work, and we're ready to get started.

Social, Email, and SMS (Text) Program Development & Implementation

Running your social media channels and keeping them up-to-date with creative, original content can be challenging and time consuming. Trust us, we know. We also know that social media is about more than just doing the bare minimum to get by. It's about telling your story, establishing your brand and your organization's leadership as a trusted expert in their space. It's also a great tool to keep current volunteers, donors, and customers engaged and find new leads and prospects. From generating daily content and posts to building a digital advertising program to grow your email list, recruit new volunteers, donors, or clients, and keep current contacts engaged, we can help you step up your social media game across platforms.

Over the last two years, we've sent over 10,000 email marketing messages to more than 2 million individuals. So when we say we know email marketing, we mean it. Whether building out a program for monthly newsletters to your community or envisioning how your organization can bring big moments like program launches or Giving Tuesday to life, we can help design, write, and implement a program of beautifully-designed, innovative, original content that will make your office stand out from the pack.

We believe that one of the greatest under-utilized tools for businesses and nonprofits is SMS, or text messaging. In fact, did you know that the average nonprofit industry email open rate is 20 percent while the average nonprofit industry open rate for text messages is 98 percent? Imagine being able to recruit volunteers, raise awareness for local initiatives, generate leads, steward donors, and raise funds with one click from people exactly where they are: on their cell phones. Many nonprofit organizations are already doing it, and we can help you get up-to-speed and ready to launch an SMS program that puts your organization on the cutting edge of current technology that delivers real, measurable results.


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