about us

We founded Atrómitos because we believe in the power to do better.


We started Atrómitos because we want to work for a firm that is passionately and fearlessly committed to helping its partners do big things: work smarter, dream bigger, and achieve their full potential.

Atrómitos is an SBA-certified woman-owned business and woman-owned small business committed to helping our partners (client organizations) do big things and achieve their full potential. Combined, we have decades of experience at the top levels of government, with dynamic nonprofit organizations, and in the private sector. A North Carolina Limited Liability Company, we're headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina and have teams in North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Connecticut, and Indiana with reach and relationships across the country and the world.

We've seen firsthand the challenges that all organizations face every day in the quest to evolve with a rapidly changing world, and we are confident in our ability to make a big difference in bold ways. 

From our experience in strategic planning and organizational effectiveness and our proven track record in grantwriting and digital fundraising, to our creative and dynamic branding, design, and communications experience, Atrómitos is a one-stop-shop for solutions that can stand the test of time.

The excitement and energy we bring to every project is unmatched, and it's a promise we make to you from our first phone call to our last high five out the door. 

We're ready to do big things. The question is: are you?

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